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The 2011 Shift

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The 2011 Dimensional Shift

EVERYONE will change when the earth becomes aligned with the galactic center of the universe in 2011-2012. Connie's life's work has been dedicated to assisting all who are seeking to move into this wonderful period of "at-one-ment, (atonement).

People can become prepared for the multiple changes they are experiencing by taking Connie's seminars on line at Those who feel directed to accelerate rapidly can sign up for Perceptive Awareness Technique that was originated by Connie in 2000 for those people who could not travel.

Perceptive Awareness technique is a rapid intuitive training process that is taught by Connie's highly trained facilitators. By taking these courses through the facilitators, people will be able to in 3 days (an intensive) be able to :

  1. Increase their intuitive awareness.
  2. Elevate their consciousness.
  3. Verify their raised intuitiveness through continual testing during the course.
  4. Make Intuitive decisions regarding health, relocation, relationships, jobs, etc.
  5. Comfortably adjust their bodies and emotions in preparation for “The Change”
  6. Be able to help others adjust to “The Dimensional Shift”.
  7. See their connection to all other living things
  8. Speed the planet’s spiritual awakening.
  9. With continued practice, experience “Intuitive Living”.
  10. Create a “Golden Age” on the planet. ‘You and I are One. And I am responsible for You.”